Unaffiliated Voters Increase, Cause Headaches For Politicians

Republicans and Democrats make up the largest political parties in Colorado ,but according to the Secretary of State's Office, the more than 985,000 voters unaffiliated with any party make it the second largest voting bloc in Colorado. That means candidates have to think hard about their campaign strategy for the November general election, even in heavily partisan districts.

Republican Senator Ron Teck says he treated every potential voter as a Democrat reguardless of political bent because, he says, he "didn't want to plow the same ground twice."

But the large number of unaffiliated voters in Colorado do make it impossible to taker any vote for granted. Teck says the cost of candidate mailings may make running a race more costly, especially for those on the Front Range.

Of course, only voters declaring a party affiliation can cast a ballot in the primary election, so politicians won't have to worry about courting unaffiliateds unless they win their race this August.