CBI Looking Into Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Accusations that the Montrose County Sheriff's Office is not fully investigating possible rapes surfaced this week. Now they've called on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to look into the allegations. In the west end of Montrose County sits the small town of Nucla. There Mayor Roxy Allex says over the past five years she believes more than 10 girls including her daughter, Angel Overson, have allegedly been raped by the same individual or group of individuals.

Roxy says she has a list of 14 different potential victims who have allegedly been raped. Her daughter Ayngel says many of the alleged victims are scared about seeing the man who they say raped them when they are walking down the street. Roxy and Ayngel say so far three women, one as young as 17, have come forward and filed complaints with the Montrose County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Warren Watermen says they've had some reports of rapes or sexual assaults and that they have investigated them. Some of the cases he says have been submitted to the District Attorney's Office and the DA has decided not to prosecute these cases.

Roxy and Ayngel say they know they've been told they don't have a case, but they believe that's because proper investigations haven't not been conducted.

Sheriff Watermen says they've had problems with witnesses and victims cooperating. Watermen adds the allegations that his department has not fully investigated the alleged sexual assaults bothers him so much that he himself has called the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in. He wants CBI to conduct an independent investigation into the alleged rapes and the way his department conducts itself.

Roxy says she hopes some more investigating will be done. The Sheriff says if the fault lies with his department they will deal with it. An investigator with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is scheduled to be in the west end sometime this week.

11 News contacted the District Attorney and he said he hadn't heard of the allegations facing the Sheriff's Office but he would be looking into it.