Palisade Official Says Drilling Firm "willing to compromise"

Palisade officials are taking a wait and see attitude toward the Bureau of Land Management's plan to go ahead with energy leasing in the city's watershed on the Grand Mesa.

Yesterday the federal agency gave the go–ahead to drill natural gas wells in both the Grand Junction and Palisade watersheds, but delayed the start date by a year so the lessee could work with both cities on creating standards for exploration and drilling.

Palisade mayor Douglas Edwards says the best option is still no drilling at all, but the company has been willing to compromise by voluntarily suggesting a 40-acre "no drilling" buffer around the city's intake and outlet pipes.

Yesterday Grand Junction mayor Jim Doody told 11 news he also did not like the blm decision, but the ability to work one–on–one with the lessee is the next best thing to no drilling at all.