High School Football Standout Acquitted On Criminal Charges

One of the two criminal cases against 19-year-old Jason Popick comes to a close Friday as a jury finds him not guilty of felony trespassing and misdemeanor assault.

Popick, a former Palisade football player, found himself in the media spotlight after being arrested on three separate occasions for allegedly losing his temper and assaulting his ex–girlfriend and another man. After pleading guilty to the first instance of violent behavior, Popick received an 18–month deferred judgment and sentence. During the probationary period Popick was arrested two more times.

Friday a jury made up of six men and six women deliberated for less than an hour to find Popick not guilty of the two charges filed in connection with a car chase the prosecution says was initiated by Popick that ended in an altercation with another male driver.

In September the 19-year-old will stand trial again for an alleged assault involving his ex–girlfriend. The trials were ordered after Judge Brian Flynn rejected two different plea agreements that might have landed Popick in jail for up to two years.