Colorado Senator Sounds Off On Minimum Wage Bill Defeat

After a push to increase the federal minimum wage was defeated this week, a Democratic Colorado Senator chastises his Republican colleagues in a national address.
Minimum wage in America remains at $5.15, an amount that Senator Ken Salazar says is an insult to hard working Americans who are barely getting by.

Salazar, who delivered the Democratic National Radio Address Saturday, said Thursday's defeat of a bill that would have increased minimum wage to more than $7 was another political trick by congressional Republicans.

The bill, which also included a measure to cut inheritance taxes on multi-million dollar estates lost 56-42, four votes shy of succeeding.
On Saturday, Salazar also pointed out that while minimum wage earners have continued to struggle over the last decade, law makers have benefited.

Congress may take up the debate once again when it reconvenes next month.