Retailers Benefit From Back To School Shopping

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Back to school shopping is in full swing, for parent, kids, and the retail stores.

Christmas isn't just in December anymore, but it is also in August for the retail stores. For some stores, August is a busier month than December. One of the reasons for the boom in shopping, is the importance placed on having the right wardrobe for the start of a new school year.

Although it may be fun to pick out new clothes, some parents admit it's stressful. And with back to school just a few weeks away, it's a stressful but successful time for the retailers too.

According to the National Retail Federation total spending for back to school shopping is estimated to reach 17.6 billion dollars, up four billion dollars compared to last year-with electronics and apparel as the two biggest sellers. The National Retail Federation also estimates that a little more than half of shoppers will have their back to school shopping done by the second week of August.