Bicyclists Help Open 24 Road Project

Two-wheelers are the first to cross the bridge today as police cars join bicyclists and motorcycles as the first users of the new dual roundabouts and bridge on 24 Road today at the project's dedication.

At a cost of more than five and one-half million dollars, the project replaces an old two–lane span from the 1960's with a new three–lane bridge bracketed by two roundabouts. Originally planned as an intersection improvement, the project took on new life when the city of Grand Junction became involved. At that time it was decided to make the project a showcase to make the entrance to Grand Junction appealing to travelers.

Although traffic is using the bridge and roundabout, the project is far from finished. Tuesday August 8th, Interstate 70 and that area of 24 Road will be shut down from 7PM to 5AM so the old bridge can be removed.

Over the next year city crews will work on landscaping and other improvements to make the entrance more attractive. There is still curb and gutter and sidewalk work to be done as well, but that should be done by the end of this month.