New Valley Schools Almost Up And Running

If you think moving into a new home is a headache, imagine preparing for the arrival of several hundred guests at the same time.

That's what teachers at the three new Mesa County Valley District 51 schools are doing this week. Right now stacks of books, supplies and desks fill rooms at the new Bookcliff Middle School. District spokesperson Jeff Kirtland says getting ready is a challenge, and a former student at Bookcliff who is now a teacher there says her feelings are mixed. Valerie Coniff says as the grass grows in at what was the old school building she will get nostalgic, but the math and physical education instructor says when she walks into the new gymnasium she gets excited about the new facility.

The other new buildings are the Fruita 8–9 School and Rimrock Elementary School.

The district will be having open houses in September so residents can visit each of the new facilities.