Representative Buescher Says Let's Keep Campaign Clean

The push for November is on and on Saturday current District 55 State Representative Bernie Buescher let the community know how his campaign will be run.

Buescher met with the media Saturday, running over his campaign strategy, which will include the democrat's stance on the issues and his record on Capitol Hill during his current term.

The representative says his campaign will not include automated solicitation over the phone, he says calls like that are not just impersonal, but an invasion of privacy and can be more of a voter deterrent.

While the democrat says the negativity will eventually come out, reflections of his 2004 campaign will be a motivating force. Buescher also says groups unaffiliated with his campaign will be releasing ads, however, the only Buescher approved ads will say "Paid for by the committee to elect Bernie Buescher" at the end.

In reaction to Buescher's words, Republican opponent Bob Caskey says when announcing his intentions to run nearly a year ago, he says running a clean campaign was near the top of his agenda and believes the race for District 55 will come down to the issues.