Mother & Daughter Hiking Across America

A mother and daughter are taking their love of hiking to a whole new level in an effort to raise awareness for a deadly disease. They've been on the road for more than six months and trekked across ten different states in some of the most grueling conditions. The mother and daughter duo say they won't stop until they reach their goal of raising one million dollars for bone marrow disease research and education efforts.

Robin Grapa and her mother Patty Laatsch have already been through 6 bottles of sunscreen and seven pairs of shoes. They usually camp out every night but here in the grand valley they have what they call a trail angel.

Claudia Waterman is that angel. But she says making sandwiches for the two doesn't compare to what they've done for her by getting the word out about this sometimes fatal disease. Claudia lost her husband to the disease last March. It's stories like hers that fuels Patty's and Robin's motivation and keeps them trekking across the nation.

So far Patty and Robin have raised $100,000.00. If you'd like to make a donation you can log onto their web site at

Bone marrow disease is often confused with cancer but it's actually a separate illness.