Interview With Miriam Helmick, Murder Suspect

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Just days after her husband was murdered Miriam Helmick sat down with 11-News reporter Kieran Wilson to talk about what happened the day her husband was murdered. An interview the Mesa County Sheriff's Office obtained a copy of for its investigation.

Monday she's in a jail cell accused of killing her husband, but back in June during that interview she painted a much different picture as a grieving widow. In the interview six months ago Miriam Helmick says, "I came in and found him and it went from there, that's all I know."

On June 10th the Mesa County Sheriff's Office was called out to the Helmick home on a report of a possible robbery and when they got there they found 62–year–old Alan Helmick had been shot in the head. During the interview with the now suspect in this murder Miriam Helmick was asked about the initial burglary call; she didn't answer the question. She said, "I don’t know, they took a lot of things so I won’t really know what’s missing until they tell me what they have.”

Helmick couldn't tell us what happened and investigators weren't saying much either but one thing that was for sure at the time; there was a murderer on the loose. Helmick was asked if she was scared if the person who had shot her husband would come back, she said, “I don't know, yes and no, I don't want to leave because I’m closer to him here but I still keep things buttoned up pretty tight."

Again Helmick gives no straight answer but she did say she had a question of her own she wanted the Sheriff's Office to answer, "to find out who did it and what they possibly did it for." Monday the Sheriff's Office says they are closer to answering that question; they say Miriam Helmick murdered her husband but still haven’t' said why.

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