BLM Lists Public's Help In Cleaning Public Lands

Public lands are for everyone to use, but according to the Bureau of Land Management some people consider the once–pristine deserts a trash dump.

Rangers are finding more and more wrecked cars, shot–up televisions,
home appliances and other items being abandoned. Unfortunately the Bureau doesn't have the time, manpower or funding to remove these items from remote areas of the county. BLM spokesperson Mel Lloyd says everyone needs to be vigilant and help the agency patrol our deserts and forests. She asks that visitors take down a license plate number or other identifying marks of those dumping trash and call the Bureau with that information at 9-1-1. A ranger will take the report and do an investigation.

The Bureau is also looking for people to help clean up public lands.
If you'd like to help, call the Bureau of Land Management at 244–3000.