New Stop Signs, Intersection Work May Confuse Fruita Drivers

The running of stop signs in the area of Fruita Monument High School the last few days will come to a halt as traffic enforcement begins in earnest.

To handle traffic to the high school and the new 8–9 school the city has made significant intersection and signage improvements on J Road and the intersection with Pine Street. Other sign changes are on Pine Street where southbound traffic can no longer turn left onto Wildcat Avenue. That traffic will have to turn onto J–3 Road to get to the schools.

Traffic engineer Eric Mende says the new designs will take some getting used to, as some drivers have been using the roads for a half-century. Especially notable is the stop sign northbound on Pine Street at Wildcat Avenue and the new sign on J Road at the new 8-9 school parking lot exit.

The work cost 600–thousand dollars, paid mostly by the city using funds from development impact fees. Mesa County also contributed money to the project.