Poll Angers District 55 Candidates

Decision 2006

State representative Bernie Buescher says he has received a number of phone calls about a poll supposedly done for opponent Bob Caskey.

Called a push poll, callers are questioned about issues that both candidates for House District 55 are facing, but the poll also asks whether the caller would vote for Bernie Buescher if he pledged to use government funds to provide sex change operations for prison inmates. That idea has never appeared in the legislature.

In a telephone call from Nashville, Tennessee, Buescher said the poll was despicable.

Caskey-who has pledged with Buescher to run a clean campaign-says he was angry when he heard of the poll. The republican says he and his wife are the primary source of funding for his campaign and could not afford to pay for any kind of poll. He also reiterated his vow to run a clean campaign against Buescher, who is running for his second term in the House.

The poll is being run by ProMark Research of Houston, Texas. A spokesperson there said they could not say who requested it.