Oil and Gas Drilling Meet New Rules

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New rules for Oil and Gas drilling in Colorado have officially been approved by a state commission.
The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hopes the new rules bring a balance between conservation and new development... however, some gas companies say it's going to make things harder.

One of those rules is for any company that wants to drill in a sensitive wildlife area will have to deal with the state Division of Wildlife first.
Williams Natural Gas is already bracing for the new regulations, "We began to work on implementing those rules quite some time ago at least six months ago and they've already cost us a lot of time and money."

Williams also plans to close more than 20 rigs next year but they also need to hire more people to keep up with other new rules set by the commission...

An approved change could take effect next year and would allow the Division of Wildlife to consult on all drilling permits in sensitive wildlife areas. All of the new rules will be subject to legislative review.