Experts To Analyze Recorders From Plane That Veered off Denver Runway

The wreckage of a 737 Continental plane sits at Denver International Airport on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008. The plane, bound for Houston, skidded off the runway during takeoff on Saturday evening injuring 38 of 110 passengers. (AP Photo/Rocky Mountain News, Preston Gannaway) ** DENVER POST OUT. NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT. ONLINE OK. TV OUT **
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Denver (AP) Investigators are looking for the cause of a bumping and rattling sound heard on a continental airlines plane that veered off a runway and crashed at Denver International Airport on Saturday.

An initial review of the aircraft’s voice and data recorders also shows the crew noticed the plane drifting from the center line as it sped down the runway, and they tried to stop the take-off.

Experts will begin analyzing the content of the recorders in Washington, D.C., today, while investigators return to the plane’s Wreckage in a snowy field at the airport.

Robert Sumwalt, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, says the bumping and rattling noise was first heard 41 seconds after the plane started down the runway.

Four seconds later, one of the crew members called for the take-off to be aborted. The recording ends six seconds after that, probably because the plane slammed down on the ground after hurtling off an embankment.

All passengers and crew members escaped the plane, which caught fire on the right side. Thirty-eight people were injured.