New School's Entrance Out Of Order

It's back to school for District 51 students and for some that means good old cafeteria food, flashy new backpacks and clothes, and in some cases like Pear Park Elementary brand new classrooms. But one thing students and parents won't find is a completed main entrance into the new school off of 30 1/4 Road as construction is still underway.

District 51 Spokesperson Jeff Kirtland says they had anticipated that construction would be complete by now when they planned the project, but since it's not they're making the best out of the situation.

District officials have hired security guards to act as crossing guards along D ½ Road were the only point of access to the school is. With the help of the county they've also strategically placed signs to direct parents and students to school.

For some parents taking their kids to and from school can be a headache even without the construction, but now with the work on 30 1/4 Road letting them walk or ride their bikes is no longer an option. Kirtland says temporary buses will take the would-be walkers and riders to school until construction is complete.

The City of Grand Junction says Pear Park Elementary's main access road should be complete by November. They had hoped it would be done by now but much of the underground utilities had to be replaced or improved.

District 51 officials sent out letters and maps to parents last week informing them of the construction. They say they will continue to bus would be walkers to school in the meantime and provide contract crossing guards.