Authorities Seek School Vandals

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is trying to find those responsible for shooting out the windows of one school and gluing the locks of another. Rocky Mountain Elementary School in Clifton and Grand Junction's Central High School were both vandalized. At this time no arrests have been made, but whoever is responsible just cost tax payers a lot of money.

Vandals caused more than $1,000.00 worth of damage over the weekend when they shot out 11 windows at Rocky Mountain Elementary School. Principal David Fricke says it looks like someone may have used a BB Gun or a sling shot to shoot out the windows. Crews spent much of the school day cleaning up and replacing the windows while children sat and learned. Fricke says things like this don't usually happen to his school, but they may have some idea of who's to blame. The Principal says he thinks it may have been a couple of former students.

Not too far from Rocky Mountain Elementary School, officials at Central High School were dealing with a sticky mess of their own. Vandals there glued the locks of nearly every exterior door perhaps in hopes of delaying the first day of school. Deputy Leighann Wood says 40 locks were affected. The locksmith for District 51 spent all day Monday trying to salvage the locks, those he couldn't had to be replaced. Deputy Wood says they're pretty sure it was a practical joke. But she says it wasn't funny and is an expensive joke.

Authorities estimate that between the two schools there was more than $1,500.00 worth of damage done.

Investigators with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office are asking anyone with suspect information to please come forward so these vandals don't strike again. If you have any information you're asked to contact the sheriff's office or the anonymous Crimestoppers tip line at 241-STOP.