DU Student Found Dead: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Likely

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One woman is dead and another is hospitalized after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning at an apartment complex near Denver University.

Just over one month ago the Lofgren family of four died from carbon monoxide poisoning near Aspen. Yesterday 23 year old Lauren Johnson died in her apartment in Denver, apparently from the same gas.

Fire Officials says carbon monoxide can come from many different sources. Including faulty furnaces or unburned fire wood. But they say the best way to protect your self is to buy a carbon monoxide detector.

Lowe's hardware store says it saw a huge jump in carbon monoxide detector sales after the death of the Lofgren family but unlike smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors need to be installed in a different place. They should be placed near the floor were carbon monoxide first gathers.

Since the gas is so hard to detect, aside from having a detector, looking for symptoms may be the only way to tell if a high level of the gas is in your home. Fire Officials say a headache or nausea is a good sign that the gas may be in your home.

Carbon monoxide detectors cost just under $20 or you can get a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector for around $40.

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