Marijuana Field Discovery Leads To Arrest

The discovery of a marijuana field near Whitewater leads to a road closure and a one hour stand off with the alleged suspect. The bust was part of the Bureau of Reclamation and National Forest Service's marijuana ratification project.

At about 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, a helicopter crew spotted not only the field, but a trail leading to a residence off of Reeder Mesa Rd. Nearly 20 law enforcement officers were dispatched to the residence a short while later. Once on the scene, law enforcement with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, BLM and Forest Service converged on the house to contact the occupants, one of which had a firearm.

The suspect threatened suicide with the firearm, setting up an immediate negotiation situation. The negotiator with the BLM eventually persuaded the suspect to give up, who did so without incident. Although the man was carrying a firearm, law enforcement officials say the suspect did not threaten officers with it. He was taken into custody and is currently being questioned. Charges have not been determined as of yet.

During the standoff, Reeder Mesa Rd. off of Highway 50 was shutdown until the suspect was taken into custody.