BLM Task Force Finds Large Marijuana Crop

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A Whitewater couple is now behind bars. Officials say it all started after they noticed a marijuana field growing not far from their home.

Nearly 20 law enforcement officers were dispatched to the Whitewater residence where nearly 115 marijuana plants were discovered. And when officers moved in on the property, things got ugly.

According to authorities, the resident pulled a gun to his head, but eventually he and his wife gave up. Alfred and Beth Topliss allegedly had about $250,000 worth of marijuana growing about 200 yards from their home. The BLM Task Force spotted the large crop by eyesight.

This is the harvest season for marijuana now through September and October. The BLM will continue to conduct these searches now until harvest season is over.

Authorities say usually in these types of situations they find more than just drugs. After the seizure, the couple was brought to the Mesa County Detention Facility. They face charges of cultivating marijuana and tampering with evidence. The incident is still being investigated by the Western Colorado Drug Task Force.