Allegations Confirmed Of Illegal Dumping

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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment received an anonymous tip that Hamon Contractors, based out of Denver, illegally buried construction materials on private property north of the bridge.

Friday, officials with Hamon Contractors, the county, and a state agency went to the site to see if there had in fact been anything buried.
Everyone was gathered around to see if any evidence would appear.
And sure enough, it did. It only took 3 feet of digging to find large pieces of sheet metal, wood, and other construction materials.

The contractor is now responsible for developing a plan for remediation of the site. There are also two environmentalists at the site to determine if anything hazardous had been buried.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment maintains that this investigation is ongoing, and that it will take some time to determine what was buried and the scope of the burial. Mesa County maintains that they are not an actual party in this investigation, and that they are only monitoring the situation.