Weather Change Bad News For Fish

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Officials from the Colorado Division of Wildlife say an extreme change in temperature might have contributed to the death of hundreds fish that surfaced from Corn Lake Sunday morning. A fisherman at the lake alerted authorities to the large number of dead fish.

The fishing conditions weren't the best at Corn Lake Sunday. Hundreds of dead fish lined the shore of the lake. There's no need to worry about public safety, the Colorado Division of Wildlife says this is a natural occurrence. When the temperature drops, you have a change in the lake in terms of the stratification changing. The bottom of the lake turns over. This creates a hydrogen sulfate scent that smells like rotten eggs. It also creates oxygen deprivation for the fish. The result is dead fish, and the Division of Wildlife says it happens about twice a year.

If you don't mind the fishy smell, it is safe to fish at Corn Lake. The CDOW will use irrigation water to help circulate the water in the lake. That will help provide oxygen into the wildlife living in the habitat.