Road Closures Lead To I-70 Business Loop Congestion

River Rd. in Grand Junction has been shut down for nearly two months now for Riverside Parkway construction and as many motorists have discovered, traffic, especially along the I–70 business loop has become a lot more congested.

Nearly 5,000 vehicles a day traveled along River Rd., so with those cars and trucks now forced to find other routes, the city's engineering department has noticed the increased traffic and is now looking at ways to ease traffic delays.

Easing delays could include changing the timing for traffic signals, however, Public Works and Utilities Director Mark Relph says there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"It's going to a pain for a little while, but when the Riverside Parkway is complete, this community will be truly blessed," Relph said.

River Rd. will be closed for construction until November of 2007 and Relph adds that eventually drivers will find alternate routes to get around the city.