Labor Day Weekend Travel

This holiday weekend many locals have decided to lay low and enjoy some family time.

Barb Johnson with First Class Travel says, now that traveling is becoming more of a hassle most people are using this weekend to regroup.

"I think people are backing off cause what's going on at the airlines and security right now and also with school. School started so a lot of families are staying home cause they only have a three day weekend," says Barb Johnson.

However, that's not keeping everyone at home. Johnson says, those who are hitting the road say they won't be going very far.

"People are going to stick to 50–100 miles of home," explains Johnson.

While most locals say they won't be traveling over the weekend, don't be surprised to see an increase in visitors coming into the Grand Valley.

Debbie Kovalic from the Grand Junction Visitor and Convention Bureau said, " AAA's new study says their customer's picked four destinations as their top choices, Grand Junction is in that top four. We are really thrilled and that will influence this weekend."

Kovalic says, people come from near and far to visit the National Monument, Grand Mesa, wineries and the bike trails in the Valley. This could also explain why many residents of the Western Slope are staying put.

On our website we asked if you will travel out of town for the labor day weekend? Twenty-five percent of you said yes, while seventy-five percent said no. A total of 48 people responded.