Local Governments Receive Nearly Five Million Dollar Royalties

Local governments receive a big check from the state today.The money covers royalty payments for mineral extraction in Mesa County.

The mayors of Fruita, Grand Junction and Palisade join commissioner Craig Meis and state representative Bernie Beuscher in receiving the check for nearly 4.9 million dollars.

Monies from the program are disbursed based on the number of workers living in each municipality, and that money is intended to be used to repair infrastructure such as roads and sewer systems.

Meis and Beuscher worked with the state to fine–tune how the royalty payments are disbursed, which have been based on where energy workers live. Some counties had disputed what jobs fell under the definition of energy worker, such as those not directly involved with extracting natural gas and minerals from the ground.

As uranium and oil shale become a bigger part of the equation royalty payments should increase in years to come.