Anti - War Group Attends Montrose Soldier's Funeral

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A memorial service for a fallen soldier in Montrose created quite a stir by an anti - war group and a patriotic group.

US Army Specialist Chris Sitton was killed while on duty in Afghanistan on August 19th He was driving in his supply convoy when it hit an improvised explosive device.

Sunday, his memorial service was attended by hundreds at the Montrose High School. His service was not just attended by family and friends, but also an anti–war protest group.

It was supposed to be a day to remember fallen U.S. Army Soldier Chris Sitton, but his service was marred somewhat by the attendance of a handful of anti – war protesters. The protesters arrived about 1:15 and left about 2 o'clock. But the group was not alone, they had some opposition by a national patriotic group with a simple message.
More than 150 members of the Patriot Guard Riders showed up to show their support for the family and the American Soldier.

The Montrose Police Department showed up with more then 25 officers in tow to make sure that no laws were broken.

The protesters didn't break the law, but their message was overshadowed by the human wall the Patriot Guard Riders built. Despite the protest, family and friends were still able to give the Montrose fallen soldier an honorable memorial service.

Sunday's service is one of more than a handful that the Kansas protest group has attended.