Lieutenant Governor Candidates Square Off On Health Care

scanning medication bottle

Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Janet Rowland is demanding an apology from her opponent after Democrat Barbara O'Brien calls some forms of cancer "the disease of the month".

An article in the Rocky Mountain News reports that O'Brien was critical of Governor Owens' plans for spending tobacco money on health care.
While President of the Colorado Children's Campaign she said the governor's plan picks certain diseases like breast and cervical cancer for funding, and that type of "disease of the month" thinking is the basis of the state's health care problems.

Rowland says O'Brien is trying to push what she calls "a narrow agenda" on health care and what is important is providing health care for everyone.

Referring to a recent flap where Rowland allegedly equated homosexuality with bestiality, O'Brien responded that "unlike my opponent, I have little to apologize for." She continued by saying that voters passed Amendment 35 to specifically spend tobacco monies on a variety of programs without spotlighting particular diseases.

O'Brien is in Grand Junction today to discuss issues with local health care officials at the Marillac Clinic and Hilltop Community Resources. She also met with Mesa State College President Tim Foster to discuss educational issues.