Xcel Energy Launches Programs to Reduce Demand

Xcel Energy announced the first of several new residential programs designed to reduce electricity and gas demand.

The residential programs launched this month, under the company’s Demand Side Management efforts, include offerings for energy efficient heatings istems, entergy efficient water heats and home insulation. The company also is continuing programs on rebates for qualifying evaporative cooling systems and Saver’s Switch.

Effective Jan 1st, consumers installing high-efficiency natural gas furnaces or boilers can receive rebates ranging form $80 to $120. Consumers can also recive rebates on the installation of three tiers of standard natural gas water heatrs, ranging from $40 to 80. Natural gas customers in Colorado who install additional attic or wall insulation, or apply air sealing or weather stripping to their homes can receive rebates of up to 20 percent of the cost of the upgrade, with a maximum rebate of $300.

Over the next two years these programs will help reduce electicity on it’s system by nearly 125 megawatts and reduce natural gas use by more than 7.l2 million therms.

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