Grand Junction Adopts Watershed Ordinance

After a nearly three-hour public hearing Wednesday night, Grand Junction City Council members voted unanimously to pass an initiative that would place more stringent restrictions on company's looking to explore energy development within the Western Slope's watershed.

A packed house was on hand at Grand Junction's City Hall Auditorium as dozens of residents weighed in on the issue and after about two hours of public comment, the city council debated the issue and decided.

After months of petitioning and public appeal, members of Western Colorado Congress, who sponsored the initiative, said it finally paid off.

"I'm so happy I can hardly stand, I hoped and prayed for this and it finally happened. It's a great day for the city," Western Colorado Congress member Peggy Rawlins said.

With the city voting for the initiative, amendments that may need to be made in the future will not have to be brought to a special public ballot.