Roan Plateau Plan Unveiled

After years of planning, protesting and compromising;
the fate of Roan Plateau's natural gas supply was revealed today.

Plan after plan was reviewed, discussed, analyzed and voted on. All of the the complaints, worries and policies were all considered. It all came down to this.

Russell George, Director of Natural Resources says, " I think this is probably one of the most difficult and restrictive plans that may have ever been developed."

The Bureau of Land Management along with the Department of Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources and surrounding cities and counties have all closely examined the pros, cons and concerns about whether or not to permit energy companies to access natural gas on the Roan Plateau. There were quite a few concerns for those involved.

George says, "I think the wildlife values have been at the top of everyone's list and that includes water quality."

Other people just don't want to ruin the view.

"I don't wanna step out my door and see drilling rigs plastering the top of these ridges," explains Dorthia Oldaker, a Battlement Mesa resident.

With the energy companies wanting to come in and drill and residents wanting to keep the natural beauty, there was a lot of give and take that went into the planning process.

Oldaker says, "I understand fishing and wildlife needs to be protected but on the other hand, I really like the way I live today. I enjoy the gas and the products that come from oil and gas industry."

John Martin, the Garfield County Commissioner says, "there will be those that will be upset and those that are ecstatic, it's a process that's new. We will refine it, but so far it's a knockout policy."

Still, for those who are not satisfied with the newest plan, there will be a protest period starting September 15th through October 15th.

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