Son Being Charged With Mother's Death In Delta

A Delta man who was under investigation for homicide has now been arrested for the crime.

Mark Grover of Delta was already facing charges of second degree assault on an at risk adult, after his mother, 55-year-old Lola Readman, died in the hospital on September 5. Readman's death came three weeks after an alleged assault by Grover.

On Tuesday, Delta County District Attorney Mark Adams tacked on another charge linking Grover to his mother's death.

Adams handed out a manslaughter charge for Grover and lead investigator Shon Wells tell 11 News that even though Grover is being considered the one responsible for Readman's death, it did not warrant a murder charge.

Murder in the first degree involves premeditation, second degree murder is knowingly inflicting harm resulting in death, which is usually the case in crimes of passion or impulse.

Wells says that the investigation did not find enough evidence to show motive or intent. However, because Grover inflicted wounds, including hip fractures, a broken elbow and hematoma, that resulted in Readman's death, the district attorney's office found enough evidence for the additional charge.

While the manslaughter charge only carries a 2 to 6 year sentence, the assault charge could land Grover in jail for more than 30 years. The suspect will be in court Wednesday afternoon.