Governor Owens Declares Today "Spreading Wings Day"

Today is "Spreading Wings Day," a day the governor declared to help raise awareness of the importance of aviation and space in Colorado.

Bus loads of district 51 students shuffled into Walkerfield Airport to take to the virtual sky.

Roger Little, Chairman of Walkerfield Airport says, "The primary function is to bring young people out to the airport and teach them something about aviation and how airports run and how planes fly."

Over 80 students participated in the "Wings Over the Rockies Barnstorming Tour," which gave kids the chance to jump into the cockpit of a real plane and see all that goes into flying.

After seeing how complex real planes are the students took off into the sky through a real–time simulator. While there, they learned what it feels like to fly, navigate and land an airplane.

While the flight simulators look like a video game, event coordinators hope students will see that there's a lot of math, science and engineering that goes into flying a plane.

One student knows first hand about what it takes to be a pilot.

Blaine Porter, a Junior at Fruita Monument High School says, " I talked to my parents and told them I want to take flight lessons and they said OK. So I do extra chores and I took my first flight at 14, before my freshmen year of high school."

Porter talked to the students, today, in hopes of encouraging them to set goals and never give up.

" They can get out and fly just like me, maybe they didn't think they were old enough but I'm here to say they are and they can pursue their dream," says Porter.

While some students say they would rather keep their feet on the ground, others say maybe one day they'll turn their virtual flight into a reality.