Barrington Paris Sentenced

Martinez was shot last October by alleged trigger-man Christopher Wieberg over an apparent meth debt of 600 dollars. Paris pleaded guilty to two charges related to the murder.

It was an emotional day for both the Martinez family and the Paris family, as they awaited the fate of Barrington Paris.

Judge Flynn sympathized with the Martinez family for their loss and recognized the pain that Paris' family is going through as well. Judge Flynn did point out the differences in the grief, saying that the Paris family can still see and talk to their son. While the Martinez family was robbed of the chance to ever be with theirs again.

Paris was sentenced to 12 years in prison for being an accessory to the crime of first degree murder and 16 years for attempted robbery.
The two sentences will be served concurrently followed by 3 years of parole.

Paris will also have to pay the Martinez family nearly 7 thousand dollars in restitution.

The alleged trigger-man Christopher Wieberg will go to trial in January.