An End to the Sale of 3.2 Beer?

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Full strength beer; grocery stores can't sell it, liquor stores can. House Bill 1192 looks to change that. Liquor store owners want the laws to stay the same.

Sean Duffy with the Rocky Mountain Food Industry Association says, "They want to keep it, don't blame them, but this is America, that's not how it works. Liquor stores now have a seven day a week monopoly over the sale of full strength or real beer." Liquor store owners say that if grocery stores were allowed to sell full strength beer the small business owner would vanish.

Monty Haltiner with Crossroads Liquor says, "If grocery stores were to get full strength beer they are going to basically use that as a launching point to try and run us out of business."

House sponsor of the bill Buffie McFadyen D- Pueblo West, says she doesn't think that's the case."Will they have to look at doing business a bit different yes." McFadyen says keeping things the way they are would be unethical. "The government should not be in the business of allowing one business to have a monopoly on a product," says McFadyen.

Haltiner argues that they have better control over who they sell too. Noting that a liquor store gets closed down if they sell to a minor. He says, "the grocery stores, its not as serious cause they don't face the consequences that we do." Duffy says, "Convenience stores and grocery stores have a much better record of preventing sales to minors then do liquor stores."

another way to look at the issue is to follow the money says Haltiner, "the owners of most of the liquor stores in Colorado live in Colorado they spend their money in Colorado and that money gets re–spent again and again in Colorado." A strong debate that is in the hands of lawmakers.

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