Wine Fest Kicks Off In Palisade

The 15th annual Colorado Wine fest attracted thousands Saturday,
as wineries had there chance to impress wine connoisseurs and those who are novices. People came from all over the state to taste, smell, see and feel the wines.

Nearly six thousand wine–thirsty people come out to the Colorado wine fest to taste wines from forty- three different wineries.

"We have wineries from all over Colorado, in fact Wine fest was named Colorado's best wine festival," says Amy Nuerburg, Director of Wine fest.

However, there was a lot more to do than just drink wine. Kids and adults lined up for their chance to make wine the old fashioned way, but luckily those wines were not for the tastings. Still, not everyone could remember the wines they did actually try.

"i just had, um-mm, let me think. I have had a few," stuttered Theo Jasper, Wine Fest Mascot.

Winemakers say it's important that you don't just drink the wine. To get the full experience you need to first swirl it, check the color, smell it and then sip.

Parker Carlson adds that you then need to, "roll it around in your mouth to get all of the taste buds covered."

By doing this you awaken all of your senses and then you get the true flavor of wine tasting.