Octuplet Mom Gets $490 In Food Stamps

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Los Angeles (AP) Her publicist says the mother of Octuplets doesn’t feel that the food stamps and disability payments she gets for three of her other six kids add up to welfare.

Mike Furtney confirms Nadya Suleman gets $490 a month in food stamps. He also says three of Suleman’s previous children are disabled, but Suleman did not want to disclose the nature of the disabilities, or the payments.

Furtney says Suleman’s view is that the money is simply “payments made for people with legitimate needs.”

In an interview, the mother of 14 tells NBC that she does not intend to go on welfare after having eight babies.

Suleman, who is 33 and single, also told NBC’s “Today” show she was “fixated” on having children. Suleman said her fertility doctor “did nothing wrong.”

Some fertility specialists are critical of the decision to implant so many embryos.

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