Bad News Bob: Beauprez Campaign Remains Optimistic

In a week when two west-slope newspapers endorsed his competitor most people would say it's been a bad week for the Bob Beauprez campaign, but Republican lieutenant governor candidate Janet Rowland remains optimistic.

In the last week the Grand Junction Sentinel and the Montrose Daily Press have endorsed Democrat Bill Ritter. In addition, former Republican congressman Scott McInnis said the Beauprez campaign team was inexperienced, and compared it to putting a high school quarterback in charge of the Denver Broncos...

But Rowland says talk of failure is premature, and those saying so are not involved in either campaign. She says it's still early, with plenty of campaigning yet to do. Rowland also says Ritter has spent money on campaign commercials during a time when the electorate is occupied with other things and not yet paying attention to the political process.

The latest polls show Ritter with a double–digit lead over Beauprez,
but Rowland points out that Wayne Allard was shown lagging behind his opponent just days before he was elected senator.