New Information Released About Child Porn Investigation

New information is being released about a New Castle man facing charges of sexually exploiting children.

According to the Garfield County Sheriff's Office. It was 57–year–old Frank Alameno's family members who alerted them. Detective Don Brier says Alameno's family provided the Sheriff's Office with explicit images they downloaded off his computer. That computer was taken to Denver, and is at the Rocky Mountain Regional Forensic Computer Laboratory for testing. Results however could take up to three months.

Also authorities are saying there's nothing so far to indicate Alameno had any involvement in the sexual acts portrayed in the images, and they say he may not have taken the pictures. It does however look like he was possibly distributing them over the Internet.

Alemeno is out on bond, but was ordered to surrender his passport and is not allowed back in his New Castle Home.

The investigation is ongoing at this time.