Montrose Family Who Lost Baby to Carbon Monoxide Says Fight Not Over

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Governor Ritter has signed a bill that will require carbon monoxide detectors in all homes and apartments for sale after july first but a Montrose family says the fight to spread awareness about the dangers of the deadly gas is far from over.

Heather and Kirby Simeons lost their 17–month old son to carbon monoxide poisoning in January of 2008. They say they're relieved the fight to pass the law is finally over.

They fought for the bill after their son Truett and his grandpa, Julian Beamer, died last year.

They say they're happy the bill has been signed into law but more needs to be done to spread awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Mesa County building inspectors say they're still reading the law so they're not sure how the new enforcement will effect their workload just yet.

Heather Simeons tells 11 News with the help of friends and family she's been able to give away hundreds of carbon monoxide detectors in Mesa and Montrose counties and she will continue to do so in Truett's name.

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