Grand Junction VA Hospital to Get $3.8 Million in Stimulus

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Colorado Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet have announced the Grand Junction VA Hospital will receive $3.8 million in stimulus money.

Arthur Silver is getting his monthly check ups at the VA hospital.

"My blood pressure is up a little bit and we're working on it, probably because my wife has been feeding me too good," Silver told 11 News with a laugh on Wednesday.

The Navy veteran says he's thankful for the hospital and the services he gets there.

"I've never had the care and treatment that I get here."

Silver and thousands of other veterans, many without other healthcare, depend on the medical staff.

VA Hospital spokesman Paul Sweeney says those numbers are going up in Grand Junction as the area grows and more veterans return from Iraq.

"We're constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the hospital, to make it better. When we have money available we already have a project in place. It's just a matter of turning on the valve," Sweeney told 11 News on Wednesday.

150 projects on the wish list to be exact with they top priority being heating and cooling system rennovations.

"Those systems are vital to the patients well being, not just physical well being, but of course mental well being as well," said Sweeney.

He says the $3.8 million will pay for four of the hospital's top five projects and he hopes that will make a difference for veterans like Arthur Silver, who says he sometimes feels people forget about those who have served.

"At certain times the veterans have been neglected."

But he has a little more hope now that Uncle Sam is opening up his wallet and heart.

And he's hoping his heart will keep ticking with lower blood pressure.

The Grand Junction VA Hospital says it's still working out the numbers and does not know exactly which projects will get underway because there are some spending limitations attached to the money.

They hope to have more details next month.

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