Despite Web Advances, TV News Still First Source For Politics

More people are using the internet to research political candidates this year than in 2004 according to a recent study, but a Mesa State College professor says it's still not the source of choice for most people.

The internet was first used as a political tool in the 2000 campaigns.
Even though he lost, it was Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean that really used the web as a way to reach voters. According to a study by the Pew Institute 26 million people a day used the internet to check for political information in August, which is more than double the number from 2004. But a Mesa State College Associate Professor of political science says the internet still pales as a news source for most people.

Michael Gizzo says the majority of people use television to get their information on politician's views, but he says the internet also brings more people to newspaper web sites such as the New York Times and Washington Post.

The Pew study also says the internet can be bad for politicians, because sites like YouTube play up political blunders.