First Death From West Nile In Mesa County

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The elderly man first developed symptoms on September 7th, and passed away after developing encephalitis - related to West Nile.

The symptoms of this illness are extreme headache, confusion and just an over all state of not feeling well. The Mesa County Health Department says that its likely that age was a factor in this case. Encephalitis doesn't always result in death, but those who do recover from the virus can experience long term complications; including vision changes and a loss of hearing.

The Mesa County Health Department does want to point out that the number of reported cases of West Nile is down from 127 confirmed cases in 2004 to only 32 cases reported this year. Also, with the arrival of colder temperatures, there shouldn't be any more cases of West Nile this year.

Although the risk of getting West Nile is decreasing, it is always important to take precautions if you are outside and see mosquitoes. The Mesa County Health Department works along with the Grand River Mosquito Control District to try and combat mosquitoes in the area by using larvicide. The county health officials say it's also important for residents to take precautions and remove and standing water that may surround your home.