Former Grand Valley Star-Athlete is Laid to Rest

A well–known former Fruita Monument Wildcat was memorialized today.

Sam Safken, a Fruita Monument graduate, lost his battle with cancer Tuesday as he was surrounded by friends and family.

Hundreds came out to Fruita Monument High School to honor, remember and most importantly celebrate the life of Sam. Still, the service wasn't completely somber, as friends and family members tried their hardest to honor Sam's wishes, to keep smiling and not to cry.

Sam planned out his memorial service before passing, he set three specific rules that he asked to be followed: no black, no flowers, and no tears. For the most part these were followed, but some found it hard to hold the tears back.

All that spoke of Sam Safken, cast a similar light on his personality. They said he was always thinking of others, trying to make people laugh and he was always positive.