Rotary Club Welcomes Foreign Exchange Students

Hundreds of students travel to different countries every year as part of the Rotary International Exchange Program. This year two students will make their homes in Western Colorado.

The high school students came to Grand Junction this weekend to meet one another and get a better understanding of what the year ahead will look like.

The students all have similar hopes and expectations for their American experience.

Philip Flindt from Denmark says, "I hopefully will speak fluent English, met friends and have good experiences."

Most of the students don't speak much English yet, but they say the differences in America compared to their homelands are very clear.

Joseph Laurin, from France says, "everything is big here, big home, big world, everything is big. in France we have little garden, little home, little car."

Although most of the students have only been here for about a month, they are already experiencing new things.

" The great thing I saw was snow, I saw it a couple of days ago and it was my first time to see snow, " says Zen Supichayangkul.

All of the students involved in the Rotary Club get a jacket from their home country, so as they travel the world and the United States, they can collect pins and charms to remember the places they have been and the people they have met.

As the students parted ways today to go to their American homes, they seem to just agree that while they can't all understand the words that other are saying, a hug and wave goodbye can speak a thousand words in any language.