Teacher Arrested Under New Charges

A one–time award–winning teacher already awaiting trial for alleged drug possession is in trouble with the law again.

Tammie Reed was arrested yesterday after she allegedly tried to cash a check on a closed account at Cash Now Colorado in Clifton earlier this month.

Reed was a passenger in a truck pulled over for having a broken windshield and was arrested at that time for check fraud, but matters grew worse when she arrived at the Mesa County Detention Center when a body search revealed drugs. Reed became involved in a struggle with deputies at that time and tried to toss suspected drugs into the toilet. After fighting with deputies again, Reed grabbed the baggie from the toilet and tried to swallow it.

Reed faces a number of new charges including possession, fraud and interfering with a law enforcement officer. She was out on bail and is currently facing a trial on drug possession. At that time she was a teacher at Lincoln Orchard Mesa Elementary School. That trial starts next month.