Buescher Blasts Political Groups

State Representative Bernie Beuscher today decried efforts by front–range political organizations to paint him as a tax–happy liberal.

During a meet and greet with citizens this morning Beuscher says so–called "527" groups not associated with any candidate are paying for television ads and mass mailings that distort his record.

The messages from the Trailhead Group and Progress Colorado say Beuscher voted to allow Xcel Energy to use state funds to pay for greenhouse–reducing emissions technology.

Beuscher says he actually voted against that bill, which was eventually vetoed by Governor Owens.

Recent television ads have also said Beuscher voted for a bill that would raise car insurance costs by requiring insurance companies to offer emergency medical coverage, even though Republican Josh Penry also voted for that bill. Both Beuscher and Penry have called for a return to Colorado's previous no–fault insurance.