Caskey Says Ads Attacking Beuscher Truthful

Representative Bernie Buescher's opponent Bob Caskey says he doesn't believe the ads running against Beuscher are negative. In an interview this afternoon Caskey says Beuscher's claim the ads distort his record is a smokescreen to hide his record from the public...

Caskey pointed to records he found on the Internet that show Beuscher voted for a bill that would send state funds to energy companies for developing renewable energy, a charge Beuscher denies.

We checked Beuscher's voting record and found he did in fact vote against the energy bill's final House passage on February 23rd of this year, but voted on May 2nd to pass the bill as amended by the Senate.

Beuscher later explained that when the amended bill was returned from the Senate for a final vote there were new safeguards in the bill to protect consumers that were not in the bill as originally passed by the House.