Attempted Assault Leaves Hotel Worker Shaken

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An attempted sexual assault at a Grand Valley hotel leaves one woman very shaken and the alleged suspect in police custody.

The day got off to a normal start for those at the Quality Inn on Horizon Drive, but things quickly made a turn for the worse.

"Someone yelled at me from the front desk and said that we had an emergency, I picked up the phone and someone in the laundry said that one of our maids had been assaulted," explains Ricky Martindale.

Martindale says that he immediately called 9–1–1 and ran to check on the maid.

Martindale says he found the house keeper sitting on the floor, crying and she said a man tried to rape her.

"I believe the maid left the room to get some towels or something and when she came back he was in the room and he closed the door behind her," says Martindale.

Luckily, the woman thought quickly and was able to fend off the suspect before he was able to take further action.

"He had a knife and tried to get her on the bed, but she was smart enough to grab a lamp and try to hit him with it,"says Martindale.

Martindale says this is when the man ran out of the room past several witnesses and fled the scene, but he didn't get too far.

"Within 10 to 15 minutes of fleeing we were able to detain a possible suspect in this case," explains Linda Bowman, Grand Junction Police, Public Information Officer.

Police took the man in custody for questioning, and the witnesses will get a chance to identify if this was in fact the man they saw fleeing the hotel.