Buescher Says He Erred In Vote Record

A day after railing against special interest groups that he says distorted his record, State Representative Bernie Buescher is admitting he should have looked at his record a little closer before speaking.

Yesterday Buescher held a news conference blasting so–called 527 groups that have been sending out mass mailings and running television ads he says mis–state his record. Buescher pointed to one ad that said he had voted for a piece of legislation that Buescher says he voted against.

We checked that record and found the representative did in fact vote in favor of the bill, which could have raised costs for energy consumers.

Today, he admits he was wrong, saying that he casts hundreds of votes each year and can easily forget how he voted. He says it was an honest mistake and takes full responsibility for the slip-up.

Buescher says the bill he did vote for had more protections for consumers than the original bill that he voted against. That bill was vetoed by the governor.

He adds that he will continue to run a "clean" campaign and is sorry that the voters of the Grand Valley are being pounded with political ads and mass mailings from the Front Range that distort records and positions of many candidates.